Buckeye Clarion 25 Floor
Finish 5gal

Product #: CL-BKCL25P

Weight: 45


1st Coat 1,500ft /gallon after first Coat 1,800-2,000ft/gallon 7 Coats Recomended APPLICATION: 1. Use a clean mop and bucket. 2. Saturate mop, press firmly into wringer to remove excess finish. Do not wring mop. 3. Apply Clarion 25 in even coats. 4. Allow each coat to dry, usually 20 to 30 minutes under normal humidity conditions. 5. Apply seven coats to achieve maximum gloss and durability. Apply four coats maximum per 24-hour period. Clarion® 25 Floor Finish with Microban® Technology offers 24/7 Antimicrobial Product Protection. Clarion 25 Finish is a High Solids Metal Interlock Floor Finish that maintains its high gloss with minimal maintenance. Clarion 25 is an extremely durable floor finish that is ideal when there is limited equipment or manpower for a buffing program. Clarion 25 is versatile and may be used on all porous floors.